Richard Moriarty’s “Adsum! Celebrating Women in the Church,” a nine-movement English/Latin mass, was performed by the ODU Concert Choir, conducted by professor Nancy Klein, and the local non-profit Schola Cantorum of Virginia.

Mezzo-soprano soloist Robynne Redmon, formerly of ODU’s faculty and now at the University of Miami; and baritone Chris Mooney, of Christopher Newport University, also performed, accompanied on organ by ODU professor James Kosnik.

The ODU student audio group “The Monarchy” helped me with the set up and recording of this premiere work.


“There’s only one Cleveland, there’s only one Superman. And why is it that we don’t embrace our legacy, our past, our history?” asks Mike Olszewski, who heads the Siegel and Shuster Society. The organization raised $150,000 to fix up this house.

“It’s really amazing when you look up and think a child developed this building block for popular culture. And look what it became,” Olszewski says. “We really have to make sure Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and, of course, Joanne Siegel, are not forgotten by their own hometown.”

UPDATE! 12/03/2013
I just received an email from Dominique Prevot.


As I have written several years ago, I have hundreds of books about Beethoven and It would take too long to go through all the books and look at every Joseph Willibrord Mähler pictures that these books contain.
I have scanned three of the books I use mostly to illustrate the website and all three are pictures are attached. May be the Hans Conrad Fischer & Erich Kock’s Ludwig van Beethoven (Macmillian – St. Maetin’s Press – 1970) is the right one?

Please let me know.

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I would be interested in reading your Beethoven research that you presented at the April 19th 2008 American Musicology Meeting at Kent State University.

Best regards,

Dominique Prevot

Here are the three photos he included in the email and I believe he is correct that the photo from Hans Conrad Fischer & Erich Kock’s “Ludwig Van Beethoven” is the photo he used on his website. The date can almost be seen with the naked eye if you’re looking for it!

Ernst Herttrich photo

Ernst Herttrich photo



 Hans Conrad Fischer-Erich Kock

Hans Conrad Fischer-Erich Kock